Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My reflections on DeafRead 2008 Conference


Jon Savage said...

Am I first made comment here? *Chuckle*

Oh darn, I was going to ask you about ASLAN! Next time, I See you then I CAN CHAT with you. Also, nice to see another vlogger, who roots for Chargers! *grins*

Coach Creech said...

Thanks for reflects, and I will go DeafRead Conference next year for sure. By the way, where will it be next year if you happen to know? Kudos!

Jay said...

Thanks for the reflection. I was hoping that the presenters at the conference would post their work for all, but I think only two of them did. Its a bit ironic because they all are bloggers/vloggers to begin with. Even the final awards list was posted days later.

David said...

Hi ASLPride

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with us.

I like the way you discussed about unique experiences about knowing vloggers and bloggers in virtual world and first time met them in person but acted like knowing them for years! Something that we will have to learn how to do that.

Thanks again

Aidan said...

Hi ASLPride,

It was great to meet you at DeafRead conference. I enjoyed talking to you. :o)

My two bags at flight were missing when I arrived back and my dv tapes were in there. AHHH. Now they are safe with me. I just got them back last night.

I will edit them this weekend because my schedule is booked this week. The video will be ready this monday. :o)


GalaxyAngelz said...

Impressive your details made me feel blown away! Yes, I'll be very happy to come and attend DeafRead within next year.. I'll promised myself.
(chuckles) "Promised" Nervous chuckles actually Hopefully I did made my commitment!

LaRonda said...

Hiiiii! Thanks for the smile! For those of you who don't know what that was about, when I first met ASLPride, he had this huge smile on his face. Isaid, "Oh my gosh! You have teeth! I never see your teeth when you vlog! You need to smile and show people you have teeth the next time you vlog!"

And so you did! Yeah! :)

Loved your vlog here. I agree. A longer conference would rock! It would be great to see more vloggers offer workshops as well.

To Jay above, I am hoping to post my workshop information on my blog in the weeks ahead. I'm in the middle of heavy work at my new job, so I'll need to shift priorities, but will get to it.

It was great meeting you and I loved the ASLAN hat and sweatshirt you wore. Keep doing your thing!

~ LaRonda

Deb Ann said...

It shows a true unity! All are ASLans with different backgrounds, wonderful!

Out of curious, did you meet Carl?

AslMan said...

Great to see you all there. It was amazing feeling at the conference. Everybody said it of how great and reflection of meeting all people awesome. ASLAN RULES.

Virginia Deaf Bikers said...

Interesting! I am going for sure next year! I'm very curious! Can't wait!

Chriz said...

Thanks for sharing your reflection. Your comments about how you were able to instantly connect with others made me think about myself. I am not a vlogger or blogger, but I went to DeafRead conference as a supporter. I told my friend that I felt like a I am a "fan" watching all the "celebrities" walking around, chatting, or doing their stuff on the stage! : ) I agree... it was a great conference and good energy among everyone. I completely agreed about the Soapbox... it was a very impressive and effective process for discussion.

cuong aka buzz said...

thank for clarifying about aslpride's smile. i just wondered why he mentioned your name.

i am sold about your rich experience to compare between deafread conference vs deaf expo and deaf event. i enjoyed watching all of your vlogs. hopefully i will become vlogger/blogger soon this year like you among others. thank for inspiring me about being the aslan.


DeafRoger said...

Good vlog, I enjoyed it! :)
I think you could ask Deaf Read to do ASLAN workshop at next conference! That way you can present it to many people all at once and have discussion on it too!
I like ASLAN very much, it really helps me feel more clearly defined than being in same "zone" other *d*eaf people because using *D*eaf isn't working well enough right now

(wow! see! I start sharing opinions!! ok let me click send before I change my mind...)


todos la vie said...

I am sure if it was a longer conference, we would have met. There are still some vLoggers I hadn't met yet! Argh! I agree LaRonda and Amy Cohen Efron did a great job facilitating the soap box discussion. At first I thought 15 minutes was too short, but after each topic, the heat in the room was so intense, it was good to break and come back for the next one. Thanks for your reflections. And I'm sure we'll meet soon! :-)

Joey Baer said...


Aslpride said...

Thank you for sharing your comments.

jon savage: I hope we can meet again somewhere in San Diego when I can. :)

coach creech: Just rumor, MD. :)

aidan: I am glad you got tapes back. Those tapes are priceless! I am looking forward to see your final cut on DR 2008 conference. :)

deb ann: Yes, I did met Carl. :)

deafroger: Don't stop, keep sharing your opinions. If you stop, I know where you live! :D

Bobby said...

Hey Aslpride,

Thumbs up!! Very good cool!
I am always interested in your various stories on your Vlog. I notice your ASL is perfect that Aslpride. I enjoy looking at DeafRead Vlogs.
Thanks for sharing,
Bobby L.